Winter 2009

Issue #5, January 2009

After being briefly pre-emted by breaking news coverage, the fifth season of the hit reality show The Abacot Journal is under way. Tune in to watch stories scream at each other, alliences form and fail, and hook-ups sizzle right before your eyes. These stories are willing to do anything for thier fifteen minutes of fame and they deserve a whole hour each, minus 8-11 minutes for commercial interruptions.

Note: The views expressed by the contestants are not necessarily those of the producers, and even when they are, we won’t admit it anyway.

Chapter Six by Josh Huntsman

Rosemary by Maxine Kaplan

An Obituary for Carl the Carpenter by Christopher Schmitz

The Kitchen Witch by Wendy N. Wagner

Something Botanical, With a Hint of Exotic Wood by Martin Brick

Alphabet Soup by James Shackell

Lilitu on the Last Page by Kristen Miles

Switlik by Milo Stevens

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